Wind Energy in Uruguay

RodrigoMreport by Rodrigo Morosoli, English and Spanish teacher

What started as a project in 2007, a new vision of a country where renewable sources of energy are encouraged, will become a reality next year.  With the joint efforts of the government, state-owned companies and private multinational organizations Uruguay may reach an unprecedented level of wind energy production in 2016. It has taken many years to organize, plan, project and actually build the wind energy facilities all over the county (about 20 locations totaling an investment of two thousand million dollars but may reach seven thousand million dollars in the next few years).

We all know that in terms of energy production one of the biggest challenges in the near future is finding a way to escape the constraints of non-renewable sources of energy. The dependency on those types of energy has a high impact on both the environment and the economy. With this change of “energetic matrix” it is called, Uruguay will be better positioned in the world, for it means less dependence on the international price of oil and increases the government’s level of ability to care for the environment.

Wind energy will satisfy between 30% and 40% of the country’s energy needs–the highest rate in the world–only followed by Germany, where wind power satisfies about 20% of the total energetic demand.  Along with solar energy production, which has been highly promoted by the government, wind energy production is becoming one of the most ambitious projects Uruguay has ever envisioned and it’s part of the legacy that José Mujica’s government, which ends next March 1st, is leaving for the new generation.

note by Edy:  Rodrigo is involved in many things both cultural and regarding the society, with a background in journalism and film.  We hope to interview him for a future post in Who is Uruguay.  Rodrigo, many thanks for this timely article.


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  1. So glad to learn about you and your many fields of expertise! I hope to use all your services as time and money permit. We expect to be moving to Uruguay around March 2015 from the San Francisco CA bay area. Thank you for your website!

    1. Welcome Pat! Are there any things about Uruguay in general you’d like more information on? We can try to find you the answers if so.

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