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Protests for Missing 43

In Montevideo, members of the group “Uruguay por Ayotzinapa” (Uruguay in Support of the Missing 43) work to raise awareness of the evil that has taken place and is still in process by corrupt Mexican authorities who condoned the murder of the 43 Mexican Student Teachers.

Five months after the slaughter of Iguala, parents and bluegroupfellow students are still waiting for certain knowledge of the fate of the 43 missing native student teachers.  Mexico and the world are waiting too. This being the ninth event held by the Uruguay Ayotzinapa  group, which convened kidsFebruary 26, 2015, at the Plaza Libertad to focus awareness and stand in solidarity with the victims and their families against State Terrorism in Mexico. Because the “historical truth” is written by the people, it is not decreed by government resolution.



Photos courtesy of Uruguay Ayotzinapa.

Rebel Arte posts photos and information of the latest gathering.