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Magda in Montevideo

Like Alice in Wonderland, Magda often felt things were getting “curiosier and curioser”.  Arriving in Uruguay last March to execute MagdaCafeContentoon a degree in Cultural Management from Foundacion Itau, she started out the new adventure with lots of energy and excitement.

After a year in the program and living in the city, Magda is going back to Austria this week.  She’ll be back in 2016 to perform an ambitious project with her working group from school, and the excitement still exists, but tempered now with the knowledge of just how different and often mind bending the Uruguayan culture can be.

With other students, she arranged several spontanious art “happenings” around the city, and never lost an opportunity to see do and participate in the plentiful cultural and art events taking place in Montevideo all the time.  Says she, “I’ll be back.”project feetcasamadreselva enRivera CerroChato

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