Korean Restaurant, Montevideo

EdyKHatEdy Kizaki lives and works in Montevideo and is busy making Uruguay her beloved home after moving from the US last April with her family.

frontIn Montevideo there are many excellent restaurants and a wonderful variety of good food, especially offering asado and grilled meats or Italian food.  Although they exist, Asian restaurants are harder to find.  One of the best so far is the  Restaurante Coreano, Myeong Ga, which is just off Plaza Independencia.  The food is great,

Owners Moon Jeong and Cho greet diners.
Owners Moon Jeong and Cho greet diners.

as good as any I had in Korea during my three trips, or the excellent Korean food I became used to in Seattle.

streetLocated at Ciudadela 1367 a block north of Plaza Independencia, the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and until 11 p.m. (from 1 p.m. on Sunday by the way).

Lovers of spicy Korean food will not be disappointed, but you can also request a mildly spiced dish, and there are dumplings and other chinese style choices as well as the traditional barbecue meat, hotpots, and rice bowls.  The small dishes and rice that round out the meal are delicately flavored and excellent.

Kim Chee Hot Pot is wonderful
Kim Chee Hot Pot is wonderful






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