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Casa Inspiración

There is a house full of sun, serenity and inspiration in Atlantida.  It is SydWall2here our new friends and old Uruguay hands (well, 6 years old) Syd and Gundy from Canada have settled and enjoy Uruguay life.  The home shows IMG_2186love and a high sense of design in every detail.  Syd tells the story of how they had not intended to settle in Uruguay, they were both innkeepers in Canada.  However, in Uruguay to have Gundy’s hip replacement operation, they found and fell in love with Casa Inspiration, where we have SydWall1visited with delight.  They also have a bed and breakfast offering, a room which is available for short stays.  Syd sells his fantastic walking sticks and painted garden vessels.  Casa Inspiración is a garden retreat, and Syd and Gundy are a font of information on Atlantida and on Uruguay!  I have four short interview videos Syd and I made to try out the video possibilities, here is one to enjoy, thanks Syd!!

Syd Talks about Moving to Uruguay from Edy Kizaki on Vimeo.

And for “further reading” I love this story about Syd and Gundy’s relocation he wrote for Paradise Uruguay Blog.


Blueberries in Atlantida

by Edy Kizaki, living in Uruguay with my family and teaching English

For a simple graceful little country Uruguay is getting complex…today there is lightning flashing in the sky, by the way, and we just heard high winds are heading this way from Colonia del Sacramento… it’s been super warm, this may cool us down which would be quite welcome.  Another important non sequitur is that no alcohol is sold after 7:30 p.m. tonight until after the election.  By law, everyone must vote, we are told!  That is citizens, not us.  A student said to me that she went out of the country once so she didn’t have to vote when she didn’t like any of the candidates.  It’s pretty easy to hop on a ferry to Buenos Aires, which is kind of like the local New York City, high speed, high fashion, lots of culture, the big city… not an apple, perhaps a peach…

ANYway, today we left early and took an Interurban bus to Atlantida to visit Syd and Gundy, whom we met last time we passed by there on the way to Rocha as Syd had kindly offered to order smoked meat for those on the expat forum who were not able to get out there to pick it up in time.  While we were there they told us about a blueberry farm that has arranged U Pick Saturdays … this is in Atlantida.  It’s not really open to the public, but due to Syd and morerowsGundy knowing them they have been inviting people.  We made arrangements to get on the bus to Atlantida and go over with them and a Canadian friend staying there for a few months to pick berries.

It was a chance to get to know another transportation option here in Montevideo, the bus terminal at the Port, called Terminal Rio Branco,  where the buses go to Atlantida and other cities and cost a lot less than the buses run from Tres Cruses Bus Terminal.  These from Rio Branco are the “interurban” buses and cost 60 pesos per person (as opposed to 150 for the long distance ones at Tres Cruses)… it took about an hour and a half.  We found we could have caught one near Tres Cruses or near Portones on a street corner, with less and less chance to get seats as the bus moves through the city taking on passengers.


ANYway, we loved the blueberry farm,  and met it’s owners, Pilar and her husband.  He made a little video for me that I’ll post below.  Meanwhile, Gundy, we found, is a genius in the kitchen, here a rum baba with fresh cream and … fresh blueberries! While we were out picking she created this spectacular desert which greeted us with tea when we arrived back at Casa Inspiration where Syd and sydngundyGundy live and also have a BnB room available for guests.

The organic self-picked blueberries are wonderful!  At 130 pesos per kilo, what could be better than spending a day enjoying the sunny outdoors and coming home laden with sweet little blue… berries!