Casa Inspiración

There is a house full of sun, serenity and inspiration in Atlantida.  It is SydWall2here our new friends and old Uruguay hands (well, 6 years old) Syd and Gundy from Canada have settled and enjoy Uruguay life.  The home shows IMG_2186love and a high sense of design in every detail.  Syd tells the story of how they had not intended to settle in Uruguay, they were both innkeepers in Canada.  However, in Uruguay to have Gundy’s hip replacement operation, they found and fell in love with Casa Inspiration, where we have SydWall1visited with delight.  They also have a bed and breakfast offering, a room which is available for short stays.  Syd sells his fantastic walking sticks and painted garden vessels.  Casa Inspiración is a garden retreat, and Syd and Gundy are a font of information on Atlantida and on Uruguay!  I have four short interview videos Syd and I made to try out the video possibilities, here is one to enjoy, thanks Syd!!

Syd Talks about Moving to Uruguay from Edy Kizaki on Vimeo.

And for “further reading” I love this story about Syd and Gundy’s relocation he wrote for Paradise Uruguay Blog.


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