Feria Tristán Narvaja – 30 Block Market

On our way to find the perfect antique dish set to fill out our Feria Address: Dr Tristán Narvaja, Montevideo 11200, Uruguaycupboard and allow for the inevitable entertaining evening or weekend without hunting around for plates, we kept getingAddress: Dr Tristán Narvaja, Montevideo 11200, Uruguaysidetracked by every conceivable temptation known to man, woman or child.

The bunnies and puppies and feather dusters and leather belts. The vibrant plants and heaped vegetables and sausage stands.  The metal fasteners arranged in intricate patterns on blankets.  The books, the elderly typewriters, the earings with semiprecious stones, the 70 year old irons that work perfectly, the wine glasses.

And the beef skewers and tidbits from Bambu restaurant in their market booth, almost too good to keep going!  But keep going we did, recording here and there a moment of the autumn weather, bright and cool, and the lively feria which is the breath of Montevideo on Sunday morning.

Convention says watch your bags and especially your wallet as you make your way thorugh; friends have experienced purse snatchings amidst the bustle of the hawkers and the market stalls.  Bring small change and your friends, and don’t make any appointments for later in the day as you will inevitably be there twice as long as you planned!


Feria Address: Dr Tristán Narvaja, Montevideo 11200, Uruguay

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Address: Dr Tristán Narvaja, Montevideo 11200, Uruguay

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Magda in Montevideo

Like Alice in Wonderland, Magda often felt things were getting “curiosier and curioser”.  Arriving in Uruguay last March to execute MagdaCafeContentoon a degree in Cultural Management from Foundacion Itau, she started out the new adventure with lots of energy and excitement.

After a year in the program and living in the city, Magda is going back to Austria this week.  She’ll be back in 2016 to perform an ambitious project with her working group from school, and the excitement still exists, but tempered now with the knowledge of just how different and often mind bending the Uruguayan culture can be.

With other students, she arranged several spontanious art “happenings” around the city, and never lost an opportunity to see do and participate in the plentiful cultural and art events taking place in Montevideo all the time.  Says she, “I’ll be back.”project feetcasamadreselva enRivera CerroChato

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